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Welcome to Greg Lindberg’s blog about CEO’s, including tips and information. Greg Lindberg is an experienced CEO, who has led his company to unprecedented growth in its relatively short history. As a CEO, Greg Lindberg knows that he has a responsibility to everyone who works for his company as well as the company’s investors. He will be the first to tell you that no two days are alike, and that a CEO often wears many hats.

Do You Know What a CEO Does?


Most people have probably heard the term CEO, but how many actually know what a CEO does? Greg Lindberg’s blog will focus on the role of the CEO, as well as offer advice to current and aspiring CEOs.

To begin, what kind of personality traits make for a good CEO?

The first trait is humility. A good CEO realizes that he or she does not do everything right. Past mistakes provide a learning experience and a way for leaders to adjust their actions and thinking.  An effective CEO will embrace the past and use it to shape the present and future.

Another personality trait that a CEO needs is the capacity to understand. A CEO must know that all employees have a life outside of the office. While asking for help during an emergency is OK, expecting someone to be on call 24/7 is unsustainable. A CEO’s failure to understand will result in lower work productivity and a high employee turnover rate.

A third trait is being an effective communicator.  Good CEOs are leaders and the company’s ambassador. Most likely, a CEO will need to communicator with the press, and speak to investors about the company’s performance.  Indeed, the CEO Is the face of the company and must present the company in the best possible way.

There are certainly more personality traits, but the ones mentioned are the top three that Greg Lindberg looks for in a CEO. This CEO advice blog will continue to address such topics, and and many others. Those interested are encouraged to come back and check out the latest posts from Greg Lindberg on this very important subject.